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Breaking The Smoking Cycle

April 28, 2011

I had a client this week who had several family members die of lung cancer after being a heavy smokers but he still felt the need to smoke until he came to see me. It’s very interesting to consider why this happens.

It’s very often the actual fear of cravings that stops smokers from giving up. They worry that they are going to experience traumatic physical pain. But when you think about it, smokers who say they can’t last an hour during the day without a cigarette can sleep eight hours without the nicotine withdrawal waking them and they don’t wake up in the morning in any pain. Some smokers will actually wait to reach work before they light the first cigarette of the day. They aren’t suffering terrible withdrawal pangs, they aren’t even in a mild panic. They are just looking forward to the first cigarette of the day.

The reality is that there is no actual pain, only the feeling of “I WANT TO SMOKE”. In fact smokers suffer nicotine withdrawal throughout their entire smoking lives and that’s actually the only reason they light the next cigarette!

When nicotine leaves your body it creates an empty, insecure feeling. When a smoker lights up to satisfy the craving, the nicotine is replaced and the empty, insecure feeling is immediately relieved. The smoker very often does feel more relaxed, less nervous and better able to concentrate than a moment before. But think about what is really happening. The current cigarette has merely removed the empty,insecure feeling created by the first cigarette and reinforced by every subsequent one. This is why there is this continuous chain effect to being a smoker.

Using hypnosis it is so incredibly easy to break the cycle. If you smoke, why not give it a try and get your life back?

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